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Club Olympia rhythmic gymnastics offers various programs specially designed for every level from beginner to national level competitors. Girls enter the sport at a recreational level and enjoy the unique combination of dance, gymnastics, music and self- expression through the use of hand-held apparatus such as ribbons, balls, hoops and ropes and specially choreographed rhythmic group and solo routines. Later those that show the desire and potential needed to succeed continue to master their skills in our pre-competitive and national level programs.

Recreational Program

Club Olympia rhythmic gymnastics recreational program is designed to introduce the wonderful world of rhythmic gymnastics to girls ages 4 and up. Training 1-2 hours per week.

Gymnasts will learn the fundamental body movements of the sport using combination of colorful hand apparatus such as ribbons, hoops, ropes and balls in specially choreographed rhythmic routines.
Club Olympia recreational program offers basic Rhythmic Gymnastics training with focus on fun and fitness for all to enjoy.

Pre-competitive Program

Club Olympia pre-competitive program is designed to prepare talented young gymnasts that show the desire and potential needed to succeed in the future as National and International competitors. Training in this program is focused on more advanced body and apparatus technique and thoroughly prepares gymnasts for the competitive level.
These gymnasts are also given the opportunity to participate in competitions and shows in a fun and relaxing manner. For ages 5 and up.

Competitive program

Olympia RG competitive level training requires serious commitment and dedication towards the sport. Athletes have the opportunity to compete in Regional, Provincial and Invitational competitions.

​Since 2011, Olympia produced many Westerns, Provincial champions and medalist from National Canadian Championships.
​​Competitive gymnasts acceptance to this program is by assessment only. Please call us to make an appointment with one of our coaches to test your child to determine if she can join this program.

Western and National Program

Club Olympia national program is split into four levels, with each level having individual and group competitions.
Pre-Novice – Ages 9-10
Novice – Ages 10-12
Junior – Ages 13-15
Senior – Ages 16 +

This training program is designed for the exceptional athletes that wish to compete at the National and International levels. The high intensity program not only fosters a highly competitive spirit, it prepares the athletes for the challenges of the mind and body

This is not a program for the weak of heart, but for the individuals that have the self-motivation to compete and win.Competitive levels vary by age and ability, and athletes are encouraged to move through the levels at their own pace through the support of their coaches.
The national program complies with the rules and regulation set out by FIG.


  • They receive obvious physical and mental benefits.”Healthy body=Healthy mind”
  • They develop self-discipline and desire to achieve
  • They develop an amazing work ethic
  • They develop self-confidence while achieving skills and personal goals
  • They will learn how to maximize and prioritize their time
  • They will learn how to set goals and become focused individual
  • They will learn how to become an effective leader
  • They can benefit from travel opportunities that give them experiences for a lifetime
  • They also learn many important life skills and stay healthy and fit
Summer camp

Come and join our rhythmic gymnastics Summer Camp full with gymnastics activities,fun, crafts and games. Everyone is welcome to immerse into the world of rhythm, graceful motion and beauty. Camp practices will focus on flexibility and general physical fitness.

Private lessons available for dancers and figure skaters, please contact us for more information.